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Welcome to the website with the nicest Cottages for You. Here you will find all the information you need to enjoy any style of cottage, at some magnificent locations.Besides renting one for holiday purposes, you will also find more on buying and owning one. Decoration and maintenance are also subjects that are covered. Check the various sections on the web-pages for more details.

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English Country CottageHaving a cottage is really a marvelous property to own or rent. It provides you all the flexibility to stay at a location and from there go out to explore the surroundings. In stead of staying at a hotel, with all the noise and hectic that normally comes with it, a cottages is generally situated in a beautiful area with a lot of tranquility. Many people prefer to stay nowhere else once they have tried this concept. At Cottages for You we know why, and we strive to provide you with information so you can continue enjoying your holidays or short breaks at the most beautiful cottages around the world.

A cottage is in its principle quite different from a place where we live. A home is in general a place where we spend most of our time and many times is located in an urban region, often close to our work. A cottage, even though it having a house like structure, is basically meant as a retreat to relax, a second home you could say. It tends to be located on the countryside or near the sea shore, and regularly provides for some stunning views, unspoiled nature and pleasant activities.

The decoration of a cottage also tends to be different from that of our homes. In many cases its interior is a reflection of outside surroundings. The really beautiful cottages harmonically blend in with the area in which they reside. As such they are truly able to offer that calm relaxing environment where one feels connected with mother nature if located on the countryside, or that inviting ambiance where you believe you are still at the beach if it is near the sea shore.

For many people, having a cottage is a compelling and attractive dream. Preferably situated far from every day life and its sometimes boring chores, or stressful work, it can give you a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family, even your grandparents, and see and enjoy how your children spend more active time outside and play with elements provided by nature, in stead of behind a computer screen.

We invite you look around on our site and discover the true beauty a cottage can provide. You will find helpful information and tips. Enjoy your stay and please contact us in case you have a question.

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